Photography has been a vital and important part of Pamela’s life since she was a child. She would spend hours looking through the family photo album which led Pamela to begin taking photographs as soon as she was old enough to use the camera. The camera became a constant companion as she grew, and a means of capturing her friends, family, and all the precious memories of her life.

Pamela’s passion for photography grew, and she earned a BFA in Photography and an MA in Art History, specializing in the History of Photography from the University of Arizona, School of Fine Arts. Pamela was awarded an undergraduate scholarship on the merit of her work, and her images were chosen for publication by the UA College of Fine Arts Journal of Student Photography and Creative Writing. Her work is included in private collections and in the collections at the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, AZ.

During graduate studies, Pamela interned at the Center for Creative Photography where she was given the opportunity to co-curate a large exhibition with fellow graduate photo history students entitled “Patterns of Influence: Teacher/Student Relationships in American Photography since 1945.” This exhibition examined the philosophical and stylistic influences seen between the teachers of photography and their students. This experience enabled Pamela to meet and interview many of fine art photography’s most influential artists such as Jerry Uelsmann, Betty Hahn and Jack Welpott and added to an academic journey that was filled with artistic learning, exploration and inspiration.

Although Pamela was diverted to a successful career in healthcare administration she continued her creative pursuits. She maintained her connection with photography and practiced the art of jewelry design for 15 years. The camera has remained her constant companion and the tool she uses to interpret the world around her. The digital revolution in photography has propelled Pamela’s passion for photography to a higher level and returned her to her fine-arts roots. Photography has become Pamela’s sole creative medium once again.

Pamela’s work explores the natural world; landscapes in expansive vista and intimate detail which is driven by her love of, and respect for, the great outdoors. She is also a people person who finds much joy capturing the beauty of people and human relationships through portraiture. Though these are her favored subjects, almost any compelling sight or subject is within the scope of her lens.

Thank you for visiting. Pamela hope’s you enjoy her images and will visit often.